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🐝 BeeGonk - Lovely Bumblebee gnomes - 2 pcs

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If you have a beautiful flower garden, you will often see bees around. Let these bee gnomes buzz their way into your heart. their black and yellow hats are embellished with flowers and Bumblebees   🐝 🐝, , Ideal for decorating your home or farmhouse, and an excellent gift for your Loved ones.

Adorable size: Perfect to put in the tableshelf, window sill, or tiered tray with honey pot, or even send it as a birthday/holiday gift.

ABOUT GNOME Gnome, which is also called Tomte, or Nisse. It is part of Scandinavian mythology. According to Scandinavian folklore, they usually hide from humans and use magic. They are reputed to safeguard the farmer and his family against any misfortune, especially during the night. The physical appearance of a tomte is considered to be extremely short and elderly with a long beard.


  • HANDMADE BY QUALITY MATERIAL: Yellow & black hats are made of soft plush, their felt bodies, wooden bead noses, faux fur beards, and the adorned big feet are sure to brighten your spring and summertime kitchen.
  • ADORABLE SIZES: The whole bee Swedish Nisse measures 15 inches tall from head to toes. They both have weighted bottoms so they are perfect to put on the tiered tray, shelf, window sill, kitchen table, as Rae Dunn display.
  • DECENT GIFTS: Honeybee good luck gnomes are the perfect collections for spring, summer home, and farmhouse decors, or send them as holiday, wedding, birthday gifts for anyone who loves bees.

  • Size:  38 cm x 8.5 cm

Package Includes:

  • 2PCS * Bumblebee gnomes