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2021 Transparent Face Shield-Buy 3 Free Shipping

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Clear Mask That Shows Your Smile To The World!

The world has totally changed in the last few months, this is the world we live in right now. We barely see the faces of anyone we meet, all our emotions are hidden behind the mask we all have to wear to protect ourselves.
We have created the mask to fit different face shapes comfortably, whether you're elderly, man, woman big or small this will fit well on your face.

It's made for every situation whether you're commuting to and from work, working in a bar , driving an Uber, riding your bike or out on a date with a special someone.
With extra space between your nose and mouth, it helps everyone understand what you’re saying, as well as how you feel.
Material cover-ups don’t do this - in fact, they do the opposite, sitting directly on your nose and mouth, muffling your speech and making it difficult to communicate. It’s time to be heard again.

The adjustable strong head strap doesn't feel like your head is being squeezed in a vice or your hair is being waxed off. Transparent Face Shield is changing the game to bring you a mask that actually fits comfortably.
It makes it easy for you to breathe, so you can wear it all day long without ever wanting to take it off.

Because there is more room inside your Transparent Face Shield , you get better air circulation. With the tighter seal around the nose, glasses wearers won’t have to worry about their lenses fogging up.
Unlike other material cover-ups, the Transparent Face Shield’s innovative design keeps your face cool and dry. It’s a pleasure to wear!

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