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KIUZOU Finger Pulse Oximeter

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Product Features:

1.Display parameters:
(SpO2) oxygen saturation measurement range: 70-99% measurement accuracy: 70%-90% ± 2%. If the value is below 94%, Insufficient oxygen.
(PR) BPM measurement range: 30 bpm - 250 bpm.
(PI) measurement range: 0.2%-30% , PI means Perfusion Index, it shows Blood perfusion ability.
(RR) Respiratory Frequency Detection-Normal Adult Breathe 16-20 Times Per Minute. Respiratory pulse ratio is 1:4, each one breath, four pulse beats. Normal child breathe faster than adult, breathe 20-30 times per minute, newborn could breathe 44 times per minute.

2. Display Screen: Blue and Yellow two-color OLED screen.

3. Display Directions: Four Directions, Four display modes

4. Energy saving: Two AAA batteries could use more than 40 hours

5. Voltage warning: There has Low voltage warning.

6. Auto power off:Auto power off in 8 secends when there has no signal.

7. Advantage: Integrating blood oxygen probe and processing display module, the product is easy to use, low power consumption, small size, light weight, and portable.


1. Please check the direction of the battery. The 2 batteries are in different direction, please make the +/- right.

The finger must be connected deep enough, or it can't take the measure

3. Please do not tremble the finger or move the body during the measurement, or the data might be unsteady.

Package content:

1. 1 x Oximeter
2. 1 x cord
3. 1 x Beautiful Box
4. 1 x English menu