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ReGrowth Nourishing Ginger Spray

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Achieve healthier, thicker and fuller hair in as little as 14 days!

This ReGrowth Nourishing Ginger Spray effectively boosts and volumizes your hair by stimulating hair follicles and scalp with essential nutritions. Beneficial ginger extracts help to increase blood circulation and facilitates rapid hair growth by 83%!

Enriched with natural, hair-loving ingredients with no chemical and fragrance, this nourishing hair spray retards hair loss while healing damaged scalp, bald spots and thinning hair.

Accelerate Hair Growth
Enriched with nourishing ginger extracts that penetrates into hair follicles root, activates the circular boost of hair growth by 83%!

Strengthen Thin, Damaged Hair
Transmitting essential nutritions to damaged hair follicles, strengthening dry, brittle, thin hair with quick visible results.

Visibly Fuller, Thicker Hair
With continued use, you’ll notice visibly healthier, thicker, and voluminous hair strands.

Prevent Hair Loss
Heals damaged scalp, bald spots and thinning hair for long-term results.

Instant Soft, Glossy Finish
Cures brittle, damaged hair follicles while softening and revitalizing the natural glow of your hair with zero greasiness.

Organic & Natural Extracts
Made of natural ginger extracts that are safe and healthy for the hair scalp. Chemical-free solution and does not contain any harmful substance.

1.Spray a small amount of ReGrowth to the roots and scalp.
2.Gently massage the non-greasy formula into scalp and roots for 2-3 minutes.
3.Apply once every morning and evening.

Ingredients: Ginger extract, water, angelica extract, safflower extract, black sesame extract, methylparaben sodium hyaluronate, flavor
Net Weight: 20 ml