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Toilet Paper Blaster

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Turn a classroom slacking activity into an all-out toilet paper assault and arm yourself with the Skid Shot. This irreverent rifle shoots slimy wads of toilet paper up to 30 feet!
Load a roll of two-ply onto the faucet-inspired spool, fill the reservoir with spit-free water to moisten your missile, crank the loader to feed a sheet into the chamber, slide the action to pressurize the paper, and pull the trigger to let fly your perfect spitball!
Cleanly creates spitballs with fresh bathroom tissue and a water reservoir (no real spit), Uses regular TP you’d buy at the store.
Uses regular TP you’d buy at the store
Using nothing more than mechanical power and tap water, a few cranks and a pull of the trigger fires sanitary wads of bathroom tissue up to 30 feet! Each action with the rifle automatically loads in more TP for your next shot so you can wipe out the competition with ease!
Package: 1x Toilet Paper Blaster

Made of high-quality products, 100% brand new, It is durable and can be used for a long time

A perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, room decoration, anytime you need a wonderfully unique gift

Ability training: emotion, vision, intellectual development, manual brain, grasping, sensory, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, interaction, etc.

It is a great stress reliever for adults and children

This Is A Great Gift For yourself or your friend!

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